Systematic reviews


Complementary and Allergenic Food Introduction in Infants: An Umbrella Review

Victoria X. Soriano, Daniela Ciciulla, Grace Gell, Yichao Wang, Rachel L. Peters, Vicki McWilliam, Shyamali C. Dharmage, Jennifer J. Koplin. Pediatrics. Jan 2023

Is antenatal or early-life vitamin D associated with eczema or food allergy in childhood? A systematic review

Zeng R, Li Y, Shen S, Qiu X, Chang CL, Koplin JJ, Perrett KP, Dharmage SC, Lodge CJ, Lowe AJ. Clinical & Experimental Allergy. Jan 2023

Efficacy and Safety of oral immunotherapy for peanut, cow’s milk and hen’s egg allergy: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Lodge, Caroline; Waidyatillake, Nilakshi; Peters, Rachel; Netting, Merryn J.; Dai, Xin; Burgess, John; J, Catherine Hornung; Perrett, Kirsten; Tang, Mimi; Koplin, Jennifer; Dharmage, Shyamali. Clinical and Translational Allergy. Jul 2023



A Review of the Respiratory Health Burden Attributable to Short-Term Exposure to Pollen

Idrose, N.S.; Lodge, C.J.; Erbas, B.; Douglass, J.A.; Bui, D.S.; Dharmage, S.C. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Jun 2022



Childhood vaccination and allergy: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Navaratna, S., Estcourt, M.J., Burgess, J., Waidyatillake, N., Enoh, E., Lowe, A.J., Peters, R., Koplin, J., Dhamage, S.C. and Lodge, C.J. (2021). Allergy. Feb 2021

Outdoor pollen-related changes in lung function and markers of airway inflammation: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Idrose NS, Walters EH, Zhang J, Vicendese D, Newbigin EJ, Douglass JA, Erbas B, Lowe AJ, Perret JL, Lodge CJ, Dharmage SC. Clinical & Experimental Allergy. May 2021

The association between sugar intake during pregnancy and allergies in offspring: a systematic review and a meta-analysis of cohort studies

Gupta A, Singh A, Fernando RL, Dharmage SC, Lodge CJ, Waidyatillake NT. Nutrition Reviews. Mar 2022

The Accuracy of Diagnostic Testing in Determining Tree Nut Allergy: A Systematic Review

Brettig T, Dang T, McWilliam V, Peters RL, Koplin JJ, Perrett KP. Journal of Allergy Clinical Immunology: In Practice. May 2021



A systematic review of the role of grass pollen and fungi in thunderstorm asthma

Idrose NS, Dharmage SC, Lowe AJ, Lambert KA, Lodge CJ, Abramson MJ, Douglass JA, Newbigin EJ, Erbas B. Environmental Research. Feb 2020

Cost-Effectiveness of Food Allergy Interventions in Children: A Systematic Review of Economic Evaluations

Fanning L, Woods E, Hornung CJ, Perrett KP, Tang MLK, Dalziel K. Value Health. Sept 2021



Genetic determinants of paediatric food allergy: A systematic review

Suaini, NHA, Wang, Y, Soriano, VX, et al. Allergy. Mar 2019

Age at introduction to complementary solid food and food allergy and sensitization: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Burgess JA, Dharmage SC, Allen K, Koplin J, Garcia-Larsen V, Boyle R, Waidyatillake N, Lodge CJ. Clinical and Experimental Allergy. Jun 2019



Association of breast milk fatty acids with allergic disease outcomes-A systematic review

Waidyatillake NT, Dharmage SC, Allen KJ, Lodge CJ, Simpson JA, Bowatte G, Abramson MJ, Lowe AJ. Allergy. Feb 2018

Association between the age of solid food introduction and eczema: A systematic review and a meta-analysis

Waidyatillake NT, Dharmage SC, Allen KJ, Bowatte G, Boyle RJ, Burgess JA, Koplin JJ, Garcia-Larsen V, Lowe AJ, Lodge CJ. Clinical and Experimental Allergy. Aug 2018



The march from early life food sensitization to allergic disease: a systematic review and meta-analyses of birth cohort studies

Alduraywish SA, Lodge CJ, Campbell B, Allen KJ, Erbas B, Lowe AJ, Dharmage SC. Allergy. Jan 2016

Breastfeeding in the 21st century: epidemiology, mechanisms, and lifelong effect

Victora CG, Bahl R, Barros AJ, França GV, Horton S, Krasevec J, Murch S, Sankar MJ, Walker N, Rollins NC; Lancet Breastfeeding Series Group. Lancet. Jan 2016



Breastfeeding and asthma and allergies: a systematic review and meta-analysis

 Lodge, C., Tan, D., Lau, M., Dai, X., Tham, R., Lowe, A., Bowatte, G., Allen, K. and Dharmage, S. (2015). Acta Paediatrica. Jul 2015

The Prevalence of Tree Nut Allergy: A Systematic Review

McWilliam V, Koplin J, Lodge C, Tang M, Dharmage S, Allen K. Current Allergy and Asthma Reports. Sept 2015



Overview of Evidence in Prevention and Aetiology of Food Allergy: A Review of Systematic Reviews

Lodge CJ, Allen KJ, Lowe AJ, Dharmage SC. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Nov 2013

The impact of breastfeeding on lung development and function: a systematic review

Waidyatillake NT, Allen KJ, Lodge CJ, Dharmage SC, Abramson MJ, Simpson JA, Lowe AJ. Expert Review of Clinical Immunology. Dec 2013

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