ASCIA CFAR Symposium

The 33rd Annual Conference of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) takes place in Sydney from 5 to 8 September 2023. This year, the CFAR sessions on Wednesday 6 September include:

  • ASCIA-CFAR Symposium International Food Allergy Highlights
  • ASCIA-CFAR Symposium: Evidence to Translation in Food Allergy
  • Hot Publications to highlight the work of Australia’s early to mid-career researchers
  • Food Allergy Research Symposium: Improving Food Allergy Treatment in Australia

Congratulations to those who have been selected to present their work at the ASCIA Conference CFAR Hot Publications session chaired by Professor Andreas Lopata and Dr Winnie Tong.

  • Daniela Ciciulla (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
  • Dr Catherine Hornung (University of Queensland)
  • Dr Elecia Johnston (James Cook University)
  • Shay Karnaneedi (James Cook University)
  • Dr Melanie Lloyd (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
  • Dr Thimo Ruethers (James Cook University)
  • A/Prof Kristina Rueter (The University of Western Australia)
  • Dr Victoria Soriano (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
  • Samantha Stiles (The University of Western Australia)
  • Dr Sandra Vale (The University of Western Australia)

Before CFAR1, minimal paediatric food allergy research was presented as part of the ASCIA program – the main clinical conference for allergists and immunologists in Australasia. The CFAR Symposium began as a separate meeting held prior to the ASCIA Conference in 2014. It now partners with ASCIA to develop the main food allergy Conference program, including a dedicated CFAR Hot Publications session to highlight the work of Australia’s early- to mid-career researchers.

For all the details, please download the ASCIA 2023 Conference Program Book.

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